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Why Use the Salt Lake County Jail Inmate Search?

It’s a Friday night, and your loved one has just called you from the Salt Lake County jail, hoping that you have some extra time to travel downtown and bail them out. Of course, you want to be a good friend and help out, but you just can’t make it there before the jail closes, and you promise your friend that you will make it down on Monday to keep your promise.

This means you have a few days to gather bond money, but it also means you can hop online and use a helpful tool called the ‘inmate search.’ If you never thought of using it, here’s what it does.

Why The Salt Lake County Jail Inmate Search May Help You:


Locate Your Friend


The inmate search tool does exactly as its name says – it lets you search the jail inmate records by first and last name, or even by booking number. If your friend has already been bailed out by a third party, this information will appear in their file, alerting you that you no longer need to gather cash or make the trip downtown. 

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How Inmate Search Can Help You


Naturally, beyond knowing if your friend is still downtown in their cell, you may think that the inmate search function isn’t very useful to your quest at hand. But while you may believe this, it can hold some fairly pertinent information that you may wish to know.

First, it give you all of the data that you may need to know when you are finally able to post bond. This includes the date of booking, the booking number, their state ID number, and even their location within the cell blocks. This may come in handy when speaking to a booking officer in the jail.

With this, the inmate search option also lets you know how much the bond amount was set for. This doesn’t matter if your friend already told you over the phone, but there are numerous circumstances that could have prevented the transfer of correct information – your friend could have been intoxicated, hysterical, or simply not paying attention when the amount of bail was announced. Viewing the payment amount beforehand can inform you as to how much money you need to collect before making your trek to the county jail.

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The results of the inmate search will also show you what your friend was booked for on the date of their arrest. Whether it was possession of paraphernalia or DUI, or even something else entirely, this will show up on the record, and give you potentially sensitive information about your incarcerated buddy.

Finally, on a note unrelated to posting bond, using the jail inmate search can help you confirm or deny your beliefs or even rumors that someone you know has been locked up. All inmates in the Salt Lake County jail will appear in the database, and an absence of a name means that specific individual is no longer, or never was, in the system.

Whether you want to find information on a friend that needs help, or simply want to find the whereabouts of an acquaintance, the Salt Lake County jail inmate finder can be a useful tool that’s easy to use and always available.

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