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We’ve all been there, hanging out with our friends when all of a sudden somebody mentions that they haven’t seen Steve in a while. After talking for a while about how funny Steve is, you realize that the last time anybody saw Steve was that night at the bar when everybody got really drunk and… Oh no! Steve is in jail! Now that you’ve realized that your best friend Steve has been in jail for three weeks, it’s time to find out where he is:

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“Seriously, you guys, Steve is the best!”

Where do you start looking for Steve? How do you even know what jail Steve is in? Well, it’s time to find out how to find your friend. You can go the standard route of calling all the different jails and asking if Steve is there but that can take an extremely long time. Besides taking forever, it also requires knowing some details about Steve other than your favorite story that he told once at that one party (Seriously guys, if you haven’t met Steve, I should totally introduce you to him… you know, like after I find him…).

Performing a Utah Jail Inmate Search Online

Alternately, you can turn to the internet. There are several different ways to do a Utah jail inmate search online. You can go to all the different websites for each individual jail and jurisdiction, this can be time consuming. In addition, you have to find each website for each individual jail and hope you don’t miss something. Steve is waiting for you and you don’t want him to wait any longer than necessary (Although, after three weeks, would it really kill him to wait an extra couple hours?).

If only there were one site that you could go to and find the databases for all the inmate searches for all the different jails and jurisdictions. Fortunately, there is! There are websites that you can go to and look at the different Utah jail inmate search databases. These will allow you to go to one source and search for Steve in all the possible jails that he might be in. This will help you find Steve and get him out so he can get back to hanging out with the boys and telling those hilarious stories.

Local bail bond websites will sometimes contain functionality that allows you to go to one page and search all the different inmate databases. These will sometimes offer the ability to search by name and will then search all the inmate databases for anyone matching that name. Other websites will have a page that lists all of the databases and allows you to search each individually. This makes it so that you don’t have to search to find each individual database you can simply go to one page and link to all the databases from there. This will allow you to find Steve in no time flat and make up for being a terrible friend (I mean, really? Three weeks?).

By knowing where to start looking, you can find Steve with ease and get back to hanging out and hearing Steve tell his awesome jokes.

Larry Nowak is the owner/operator of Bad Boys Bail Bonds and thinks Steve is amazing! To view his search pages that allow you to search several jails in the Northern Utah area, please visit .

Larry Nowak
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