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The Lighter Side: 5 Funniest Bail Bond Company Names

When a family member or a close friend has committed a crime, coming up with a huge sum of money for bail is no laughing matter. However, when it comes to marketing campaigns, some bail bond companies employ humor to get people’s attention. Nowadays, several bail bond companies use humor for branding. That is because people naturally respond to it especially if it is done right. Or better yet, they can easily share it to friends and co-workers.

Here are five funniest bail bond company names:

2 Blondes Bail Bonds

For a bail bond company to succeed, creativity is a must in order to get people to notice your services. So maybe this is exactly what 2 Blondes Bail Bonds did to make the company more memorable. Although this company does not exclusively offer bail bond services to blonde clients only, the company name somehow creates that kind of impression.

Jesus Christ Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds

A brand that sounds confident and grand is always effective. So what other name could instantly conjure an image of redemption and freedom than Jesus Christ Bail Bonds, Inc.? Before you dismiss the idea of using a religious name for a bail bond marketing campaign, understand how it effectively works for a service as banal as bail bond.

Bada Bing Bail Bonds

If you had been an avid fan of HBO’s premiere television series “The Sopranos,” then you probably remember the local strip club called Bada Bing. The show features Tony Soprano, a male character who owns the said strip club. As an expression, bada-bing has also become a favorite mantra for gangsters. Although the exact historical origin of this expression still remains a complete mystery, it is generally understood as “That’s it. It’s all taken care of.”

Grumpy’s Bail Bonds

Did you know that the woman behind Grumpy’s Bail Bonds has literally become a mega star in the bail bonds industry? Dubbed as the “Bond bombshell” and “Bond girl,” Leah owns one of the biggest bail bond businesses in Tennessee. She also adds that she had done her part in serving the country both in the United States army and also as a beauty title-holder. A former Miss America contestant, Leah Hulan aims to bail out all her clients without being grumpy. In fact, the company slogan goes something like this: “When you ring, we spring!” 

Lipstick Bail Bonds

Hot pink may not be your favorite color but it sure is for the Golt Sisters who came up with Lipstick Bail Bonds services. These women proudly admit that they are both happily married to their job. Lipstick Bail Bonds employs several agents who are also called as “bond girls.” You can usually see them clad in pink costumes and quite naturally…pink lipsticks. Aside from these, expect to see them armed with pink stun guns, pink pepper sprays, and of course, pink handcuffs.

Utah Bail Bonds

Although some people feel that humor trivializes a company’s image, the truth remains obvious: a humorous image or slogan, especially if it is applied to a marketing campaign, always works. 

Larry Nowak

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