St. George, Utah- Police BadgeBeing arrested is stressful and every definition of the world unpleasant. Our St. George bail bondsmen understand this and that’s why we are so passionate about providing fair, fast, honest, and confidential bail bond service.

If your friend or loved one has been arrested and is being held in Washington County Jail, our St. George bondsman can get your loved one out on bail. Call Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah for the FASTEST release from jail possible!



We Make Getting Bail in St. George, Utah as Easy as 1-2-3

We provide you with access to a committed Utah bail bonds team who will help you get your loved one out of jail as quickly and as efficiently as possible. When you work with our St. George bail bonds company Utah, there are a few steps that a trained bail bondsman from our team will walk you through. These include: Bail in St. George is as Easy as 1-2-3
  • Contact Bad Boys Bail Bonds as soon as possible. By contacting our St. George bail bonds company serving Utah, you will start the process of getting your loved one out. You will give us the name, date of birth, and the location where your loved one was arrested. We will also collect your contact information to keep you posted.
  • Next, we will meet you at the local jail. Someone who is 18 years or older will need to sign the agreement to get your loved one out. You will pay a small portion of the bond to us, which is non-refundable, and then we will pay the entirety of the bond to get your loved one out.
  • We post the bail, push for your loved one to get released, and he or she is usually released between two to eight hours later.
By providing you with access to 24/7 Washington County bail bonds, we are there when you need us most.

Why Choose St. George Bad Boys Bail Bondsman?

We understand that you and your family are going through a difficult time. With access to easy St. George bail bonds, we make it possible for you and your family to move forward with your lives. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you!

Bail Bonds FAQs

Some of the most common questions that we get asked include:

When someone is arrested, there is a bond that has to be posted for that individual to get released. Because it might be weeks, months, or years before that person stands trial, it is usually not constitutional for that person to remain behind bars. Therefore, that person is released from jail pending trial. A bond is put in place to ensure that person returns for his or her trial. If that person does not show up for his or her trial, then the entirety of the bail amount is due to the court.
A bail bondsman is someone who has connections with the justice system and helps people post bond more quickly, allowing them to get out of jail sooner.
In Utah, we can expedite the process of getting your loved one released from jail. We will post the bond for you and your family in exchange for a small percentage of the bond as a non-refundable fee.
The cost of a bond will depend on what the judge decides at the first hearing. Some of the factors that may be considered include the prior record of the defendant, the severity of the charges, and the arguments made by the lawyers.
Usually, we can post bond and get your loved one released within two to eight hours.
They are non-refundable, as required by Utah law.
We set our fee at 10 percent, which is the lowest possible amount in accordance with Utah law. Utah law requires bond companies to pay a premium of 10 to 20 percent on all bail bonds.
Yes. As long as you have the non-refundable credit, we can work with you if you’ve gotten arrested; however, it might be harder to do this from jail. Therefore, we usually work with family members to get defendants released. If that is not possible, you can contact us from the local jail.
At Bay Boys Bail Bonds St. George County, we offer bond services in just about every county in the local area. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah

Local Phone: 435-652-5112 Local Bond Agent: Amy Erickson

St. George Court House

City: St. George Street: 206 W. Tabernacle Phone: 435-986-5700

St. George Jail 

Washington County Jail offers several services in order to help rehabilitate and educate the inmates. They offer substance abuse and AA classes to help deal with addictions of all kinds. They also offer educational courses that will help inmates achieve success upon their release. These educational courses include GED and High School Equivalency.City: Hurricane Street: 750 South 5400 West Phone: 435-656-6600

Inmate Lookup Tool St. George


St. George Statistics

Population: 75,561 Area: 64.9 square miles Population Density: 1,132.2/sq. mile

St. George Crime Statistics

  • Total Crimes: 2493

Types of Crime by Percentage

  • Property Crime: 93.8%
  • Theft: 32.7%
  • Burglary: 24.3%
  • Vehicle Theft: 6%
  • Rape: 0.52%
  • Arson: 0.32%
Violent Crime: 6.2%
  • Assault: 5.1%
  • Robbery: 0.6%
  • Murder: 0%

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