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Bad Boys Bail Bonds Offers Bail Bonds in Utah County

At Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we will work hard to ensure that you or your loved ones don't spend any more time in Utah county jail than absolutely necessary. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to serve all of our customers' bail needs. Contact us at 801-768-4348 or find the phone number for the bail bond agent in Utah county that can help you at our Contact Page.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah

Local Phone: 801-768-4348
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The Utah County Jail in Spanish Fork Utah

Utah County Jail in Spanish Fork Utah

Utah County jails normally house offenders who are serving less than one year, or those waiting to make bail. They offer rehabilitative and educational programs to help offenders reintegrate smoothly with society once they are released. Some popular Utah County jail programs for inmates include:

  • Life skills
  • Alcoholic Annonymous (AA)
  • On Unit Drug Treatment (OUT) program
  • GED or High School Diploma, and so on

City: Spanish Fork
Street: 3075 North Main
Phone: 801-851-4200

Spanish Fork County Statistics

Population: 39,443
Area: 15.4 square miles
Population density: 2,561.23/sq. mile

Spanish Fork, Utah Crime Statistics

(Based on 2017 Crime Statistics)

Total Crimes: 1,104

Types of Crime by Percentage

Property Crime: 541 (21.3%)
Theft: 445 (19.3%)
Burglary: 75 (3.2%)
Violent Crime: 10 (.4%)
Assault: 3 (.1%)
Vehicle Theft: 21 (.9%)
Rape: 3 (.1%)
Arson: 6 (.6%)

Bail Bonds in Spanish Fork, Utah

On most occasions, offenders who are arrested and brought to the Spanish Fork County jail are eligible for release after Spanish Fork Bail Bonds. A Utah County bail is a certain amount of money determined by a court of law that allows you to be free and only go back to court for your hearing.

Unfortunately, the bail amount is not always affordable. If your bail amount is too high, you can opt to either apply for a bail reduction hearing or make use of Bad Boys Bail Bonds. Bail Bonds in Spanish Fork UT aims at reconnecting offenders to their families one as soon as possible. Once you contact us, we will post the bail on your behalf, and you will pay us later. The bail bonds Spanish Fork Utah act as a financial guarantee that the offenders will appear in court for trial.

Learn How to Get the Bail Bonds Process Started Here

How is bail determined in Spanish Fork?

Normally, a judge uses a bail schedule to determine the bail amount. This schedule depends on such factors as the offender’s age, criminal history, ties to the community, employment status, and the nature of the crime.

Factors that affect your bail amount in Spanish Fork

According to the Eighth Amendment of the United States’ Constitution, all American citizens have a right to reasonable bail. Some of the factors that could affect your bail amount include:

  • The severity or nature of the alleged crime
  • Whether you or your loved one has violated parole or probation
  • Whether you are free on a previous bail
  • Whether you have a pending appeal on a former conviction
  • A history of mental illness or drug use disorder

How the bail process works in Spanish Fork, UT

Posting bail refers to the process through which your bail bond agent in Spanish Fork Utah pays the bail amount to secure your release. This can be done in any of the following ways:

  • Own recognizance or signing a declaration promising that you’ll appear in court when you are ordered to. This is the most preferred method as no monetary terms are involved
  • Utah County bail bonds can be paid through cash or check
  • Signing over property ownership of the same or higher value as the bail amount

Why choose Bad Boys Bail Bonds?

Apart from being licensed bail bonds agent in Spanish Fork Utah, Bad Boys Bail Bonds stands out due to the following:

  • Round the clock availability – Arrests can happen at any time of the day or night and even during a holiday season. We are available 24/7 to bail you out of jail.
  • Reliable, ethical and friendly Utah county Bail Bonds agentsIn some situations, your bail may be reduced or eliminated if you stay only one more day in custody. You can count on us to analyze your in-custody status and determine whether posting bail is the most cost-effective and logical way of dealing with your case.
  • Affordable services – We offer flexible payment plans for those falling short of their premium amount. Our bail bonds have no penalties, and there are no hidden charges. We could also help with your attorney fees.
  • We handle all your paperwork – Without proper knowledge and experience, your case’s paperwork could be lost or misplaced, leading to a longer stay the county jail. Having worked on multiple cases, Bad Boys Bail Bonds knows how to handle all your paperwork thoroughly and accurately.

Feel free to go through our clients’ reviews for proof of our bespoke services and contact us at 801-895-4014 for all your queries on bail bonds in Spanish Fork Utah.

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