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Secured and Unsecured Bail Bonds

Everyone in jail wants out, and most the time you are able to arrange a bail to get out as long as you art still awaiting sentencing. With an established law in Utah and a great business ethic, places like Bad Boys Bail Bonds of Utah, are able to help people get out of jail and go free until it is time to go to court. This is only possible when an individual has a bail set and is that bond is able to be paid for release. The amount of bail is not always the same for each individual and will be determined based on the person, their history and the crime, but there is one thing that is the same, and that is the desire to pay it as quickly as possible. This is where Bad Boys comes in. We pay the bail and allow for the release of the person in question, with a promise that they will appear to court until sentenced. When looking to post a bond, you will find that the two most common types of bonds are, secured and unsecured. While they both allow for release, they do have their differences.

 Secured Bond

 One type of bond is the secured bond. These bonds are paid by offering up some form of property that is around equal value to that of the bail. This ensures the courts that they will receive the total amount they are due for the release of the person and raises the chances of them appearing for their court date. When choosing a secured bond, it is important to remember that you are signing off something you own to the courts. If the person who was arrested does not appear for their court date, the property will not be given back. Depending on the value and importance of this property, that can become problematic. If you are bailing someone else out of jail with a secured bond, you should be sure that they will return for their court date. If they do not, you are losing valuable property.

Unsecured Bonds

Unsecured bonds are similar to secured, but without any property or collateral being used. It is more like a promissory note to pay the bail if the person does not show up, therefore releasing the person based on trust, or more commonly referred to as a signature bond. This is more of a risk to the bail company, for obvious reasons, which is why it is not often used by most bail companies, especially not for more severe crimes. Bad Boys Bail Bonds takes pride in understanding that not everyone has the collateral to use and may need an unsecured bond on more serious crimes. We do our best to work with the individual that is in custody, and treat them like they are a person and not a dollar sign.

Utah law requires bail companies to charge you a mandatory minimum of 10%, or a max of 20%, therefore you may find it more beneficial to use property or collateral in order to arrange payments, if you are short on the initial payment. There are many variables that play into bail, and deciding which would be best for you and your loved ones.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds of Utah is an upstanding business that can help to provide a bondsman as well as help you decide if posting bail is the best option. Let us start you on your way towards freedom. With everything there to help you, you can avoid issues and get back to your life quickly. DON’T LET A MISTAKE RUIN THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Larry Nowak
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