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When you, a friend, or a loved one is in jail, it can be one of the most frightening experiences. Obviously, your first priority is to help the accused get out of jail, and that means paying their bail. With this being said, there are many things that people do not know about the bail process. This includes how much it costs, how they can pay, and whether or not they should hire a bail bond agent. Fortunately, our guide will provide all of the information you need to help get the accused back into their own home as soon as possible.

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Cost of Bail Bonds in Utah

The exact cost of a bail bond in Utah can vary. State laws specify that a bail bond can be no less than 10% of the overall bail amount and no more than 20%. Because of this range for the bail bonds and the range of potential costs for bail itself, the exact cost of each bail bond in Utah is unique.

What Are My Options for Paying Bail?

Fortunately, there are a number of different options available when it comes to paying for bail. One obvious option is that you can simply pay the full amount of the bail upfront, assuming that you have enough cash to do so. If you do not have the money to pay outright is to offer some form of collateral.

Collateral can either offset the cost of bail or replace it entirely. While collateral can be in the form of smaller goods such as jewelry, it is more typically in the form of a vehicle or property. In either case, the bail agent or court will take possession of the goods or deeds until the case is completed. It's important to note that failure to appear at court dates in a punctual manner can result in the collateral being seized and collected.

The third way of paying for bail is to seek out a bail bondsman to pay the bail amount. These are trained and licensed agents who specialize in helping out those who have been accused of a crime and securing their release in a timely manner. Such bondsmen also have well-established relationships with the local courts, which also carries a number of benefits when it comes to helping the accused.

How Does Paying a Bail Bondsman Work?

The biggest advantage in paying a bail bondsman for bail is that it reduces the amount you pay for bail. As an example, the court may set a $20,000 bail and set a bail bond cost of ten percent. Without a bail bond agent, you are stuck paying the full $20,000. With a bail bond agent, you are only paying ten percent (or $2,000) of that amount.

Other Benefits of Hiring a Bail Bondsman

  • Money saved can go towards other legal fees
  • Experts can find information on bail cases for you
  • Gets someone out of jail quickly, reducing their chance of being assaulted in prison
  • Reunites someone with their family quickly during a difficult time
  • Helps the accused get in a better position to establish their innocence
  • No matter what, it helps you get a better chance for a fair trial

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bond Costs

Bad Boys Bail Bonds set our fee for bail bonds at around 10% of the total amount of bail required by the court. In fact, our competitive fee rate and exceptional reputation make our service the standard-bearer for the best bail bonds in the industry. Paying the fee and providing collateral to secure a bail bond makes it possible for a defendant to remain free during the trial instead of staying in jail until after the legal process is completed. We can accept payment of the bail bond fee by cash, debit cards, or credit cards.
To have a defendant released from jail on bail and remain free throughout the trial process may require paying an amount of bail set by the court. If you do not have the amount of money needed for bail, you can work with a reputable local bail bond service to obtain it.
The bail bond agent can accept collateral from you or from someone willing to provide it for you, and the agent can sign an agreement with you to pay the court the full amount of your bail on your behalf. Bond agencies normally charge a fee for bail bond services of around 10% or more of the bail amount required by the court. To secure the loan for the funds you borrow to cover the bail cost that the bond company will pay the court on your behalf, a bail bond agent may accept collateral from you. Or, the agent can accept collateral from another person, such as a family member or friend, who is willing to risk losing their assets to provide the collateral for you.
There are several types of collateral that bail agencies accept. Generally, houses, stocks, bonds, cars, and other vehicles, jewelry of substantial value, bank accounts, credit cards, firearms, or other assets of significant value are acceptable as collateral for a bail bond. NOTE: There are no hidden fees of any kind in working with our bail bonding specialists.
If you have the funds to pay the total amount of your bail cost set by the court, you do not need a bail bond or the collateral to obtain a bail bond. If you do not have the full amount of the required bail, you will need to provide collateral as security against the bail bond agency’s risk of loss on the loan of the money the agency pays for your bail. A bail bond company can accept collateral from another person, such as a family member or friend, who is willing to provide collateral on your behalf to secure the funding for the bail bond. Types of Collateral Accepted By Bail Bond Companies: Various kinds of collateral can be used to secure a bail bond with most agencies. Generally, anything that is of substantial monetary value might be acceptable collateral for bail bonds, for example:
  • Real estate
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Stocks and/or Bonds
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Guns or other firearms
  • Jewelry of significant value
  • Other property of high monetary value
Types of collateral accepted for bail bonds may vary between agencies. Ask your bail bond agent to confirm that the form of collateral you have in mind to use can be accepted. In addition to providing the collateral, a bail bond company typically charges a fee of around 10% or more for their work in supplying the bail bond. There are no hidden fees involved in funding contracts with Bad Boys Bail Bonds. The total cost and entire agreement for obtaining a bail bond from Bad Boys Bail Bonds are fully transparent.
A separate contract is signed by the bail bond agent and the co-signer. The bail bond co-signer is someone willing to be responsible for the bail amount if the defendant does not appear in court as required. When a defendant fails to appear in court at all the required locations, dates, and times, just one absence causes the bail paid by the bail bond agency to the court in Utah to be forfeited. The co-signer is usually a friend or family member who accepts the personal risk of losing property provided as bail bond collateral in order to help a defendant stay free while awaiting trial.

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