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Most Common Arrest Reasons on Valentine’s Day

Every February 14, the whole world unites to celebrate the significance of love. Although the origin of Valentine’s Day is still shrouded in mystery, the fact remains that it is a special day for loved ones whether dead or alive. In spite of the festive atmosphere and romantic gestures, Valentine’s Day is also a time when criminal activities tend to increase. Most of the time, the recorded arrests occur for several reasons such as lover’s quarrel, stalking, and other forms of domestic violence. This day could also make ex-lovers feel more lonely and left out  amidst the celebration. In other words, it is not just about gifts, flowers, and romantic dinners but also a time to reflect on domestic violence especially

for someone who is currently in an abusive relationship.

According to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, there are anecdotal evidence to prove the direct connection between certain holiday celebrations like Valentine’s Day and domestic violence. According to a survey, police incident records show that most of these criminal cases take place at night or during weekends. These cases usually involve alcohol as well as the deep significance attached to the celebration by a loved one.

Valentines Day - Are you a Jealous lover who needs a bail bond?

Alcohol and Squabbles

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, many couples would go to bars and restaurants. Usually, drinking hard liquor is inevitable. As you may well know, the presence of alcohol could easily lead to physical violence. Physical abuse usually occurs when there are jealousy and infidelity issues. In addition, many couples tend to have different expectations from their spouse during Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, many women are also more vulnerable to physical abuse during this day especially when they are involved with a partner who is jealous and abusive. As a result, many cases of domestic and sexual violence are recorded by the police. Most of these cases involve women who are victims of physical and sexual abuse by their ex-lovers or jealous partners.


In some instances, a former boyfriend who could not accept that his girlfriend is already happy in her new relationship may continue to pursue the girl. If you believe you need to get a restraining order for your protection, consult a lawyer immediately for legal action. On the other hand, you should also hire the services of a legal defense lawyer especially if you have been accused of stalking. While you do not seriously intend to cause real harm to your ex-lover, your actions may implicate you. Seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

Should you need urgent legal advice about domestic violence, consult a lawyer who can provide relevant information for your unique needs. Most legal firms today can offer free evaluation to their clients. The important thing to remember is to make an informed decision especially if it involves your own safety. Meanwhile, if you are presently facing a criminal charge, you should consider getting legal advice from a lawyer. You may also consult a bail bond officer especially if you have already been charged with a crime. Always make sure you obtain legal advice before you take further actions. 

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