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Salt Lake County SealAre you interested in learning more about the Booking and Bail Process for the Salt Lake County Jail?  Then read this informative article from our Blog written by Bad Boys Bail Bonds President Larry Nowak.  To see the visitation rules & schedule for the Salt Lake County Jail, Click Here.

What Makes Bad Boys Bail Bonds Better

Bad Boys Bail Bonds is a quick, reliable, and experienced bail bonds service in Utah. We are a family-owned and operated bail bond company that serves Salt Lake City, and the surrounding areas. We will work with you to get your loved one, your friend, or yourself out of jail quickly. Don’t waste time searching around for a bail bondsman in Salt Lake City, give us a call immediately! Our services are fast, reliable, and always confidential.

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  • Or, contact us toll-free at 801-895-4014

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah

Local Bond Agent: Larry Nowak
Local Bond Agent: (West Jordan Jail) Kendall Reeve
Local Bond Agent:Reata Holt

24/7 Quick Bail Bonds Salt Lake City

We’re always here for those that need out prompt and immediate service. We’re family oriented, and want you to get out, get home, and back to your family as soon as possible.

Excellent Customer Service

At Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves on our transparency and ability to deliver a superior service with no hassles. We have professionals on staff who understand the seriousness of the situation. They will bring respect, understanding, and quick service to help you through this temporary hardship.

25 Years of Experience

Bad Boys Bail Bonds has remained one of Utah’s most trusted and reliable bail bonds services. We have decades of experience, which isn’t something that many other Utah-based bail bonds services can say. We know the system, how it works, and how best to help you.

Salt Lake County Court House

City: Salt Lake City
Street: 450 S. State St
Phone: (801) 238-7300
Map: Click Here

Salt Lake County Jail Inmate Search

Salt Lake County Jail Inmate SearchBeing able to find a loved one who has been taken to jail is an important step in the bail bond process. You can't bail someone out of jail until you find them. Using the Salt Lake County Jail Inmate Search is a quick and convenient way to find out if your loved one is in the Salt Lake County Jail. It's much faster and much more reliable than calling the jail and waiting for them to go through their records.

City: Salt Lake City
Street: 3415 S 900 W
Phone: (801) 743-5500
Map: Click Here

Salt Lake County Statistics

Population: 1,034,989
Area: 742 square miles
Population Density: 1394.5/sq. mile

Salt Lake County Crime Statistics

(Based on 2011 Crime statistics)

Total Crimes: 16,871

Types of Crime by Percentage

Property Crime: 7,922 (46.9%)
Theft: 5,853 (34.7%)
Burglary: 1,338 (7.9%)
Vehicle Theft: 731 (4.3%)
Violent Crime: 495 (3%)
Assault: 308 (1.8%)
Robbery: 116 (.7%)
Rape: 65 (.4%)
Arson: 37 (.2%)
Murder: 6 (.03%)

At Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we will work hard to ensure that you or your loved ones don't spend any more time in jail than absolutely necessary. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to serve all of our customers' bail needs. Contact us at 801-895-4014 or find the phone number for the bail bond agent that can help you at our Contact Page.

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FAQ About Bail Bonds Salt Lake City FAQ

You may be wondering, "What are bail bonds and how do they work?" When a person is arrested and booked into the local jail, the court sets a trial date for the case. Since it could take weeks or months for the case to appear on the docket, the US justice system allows defendants to be released from jail if they post collateral as a guarantee that they'll show up for their court date. Known as bail, this collateral can take the form of cash, a bond, or property.
When people who have been accused of a crime and taken into custody can't afford to post the full bail amount, they usually contact a bond service. A bail bondsman, also known as a bond agent, collects a percentage of the bail amount so that defendants can be released from jail before their court date. If the accused fails to appear, the bail bondsman must collect the remaining amount and deliver it to the court.
In Utah, there are two ways to pay bail. One option is to pay the full bail amount to the court. When defendants can't pay in full, their friends or family members can contact bail bonds Salt Lake City. They'll be required to pay a percentage of the bail. Defendants who don't show up for court (also known as "skipping bail") can be sent back to jail. If this happens, or the defendant commits other crimes while out of jail, he can be placed back into custody, and the bond company is liable for the full bail amount.
The amount of bail a defendant owes depends on factors such as age, criminal history, and the type and severity of the crime. Juveniles have a different bail schedule than adults. More serious crimes carry higher penalties, too. You can expect to pay more if you've been charged with a felony than you would with a misdemeanor. A bail bond is a percentage of the full bail amount (10% in most cases). That means if bail is set at $5,000, a defendant need only come up with $500 to be released from custody.
Once bail has been set, an arrestee's representatives can contact a bond agent. It typically takes about 30 minutes for bail bonds Salt Lake City to complete the required paperwork. Once it's been sent to the jail, defendants may be released within a few hours or less. The length of time it takes depends on several factors, such as the time of day (or night) and how busy the jail is.

Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We're committed to providing fast, professional service to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible.

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