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How to Find a Salt Lake City Bail Bondsman

Nearly everyone has seen a jail at some point or another, whether it’s driving by one on your way to work, seeing one depicted on your favorite TV show, or visiting someone in one. People who find themselves in that gray and depressing building have only one thought, “get me out of here.” In our modern criminal justice system the way to get out of jail before your trial date is to post bail. In order to do this, you will most likely need a bail bondsman.  If someone you loved and cared about was arrested, how would you find a quality Salt Lake City bail bondsman?

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 1.    Do your research.

Extensive research is a vital part of any serious financial endeavor. Some might not classify posting bail for someone as a major financial decision, but if you are the one who signs the paperwork, you are effectively responsible for the person who was arrested. If they do not show up to court on their court date, you will be held financially accountable. Because it is such a serious decision, looking into several bond agencies is a wise step. Look for agencies that have great customer reviews, experience, and are reliable. These are traits that are very useful in the situation.

2.    Contact several bond agents.

When you have narrowed down your search to three to five bond agencies, give them a call and talk to some of their representatives. It is smart to briefly discuss your situation on the phone and learn about the bond agency’s policies. You need to pick an agency that you are willing to work with, and a simple phone call can tell you a lot about a company. If you have any special circumstances, this is a great time to discuss them as well. Making contact will help you narrow down your list further to just one bond agency.

3.    Discuss the logistics.

After your research and phone calls, you should be able to select an agency that best fits your needs and that you feel comfortable working with. Once you have made this decision, you will need to meet with a bond agent. This meeting is very important, and many serious aspects of bailing someone out of jail will be discussed. In this meeting, the bond agent will lay out the financial portion of bailing someone out of jail. They might talk about collateral, the interest rates they charge, etc. Make sure to pay attention to all of the details in this meeting as they will provide you with valuable information about the process. This will also be a great time to see if the agency you have picked has any special pricing options, like zero down, for those who are financially unable to pay the premium.

4.    Sign the paperwork.

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If you feel comfortable with the bond agent after discussing the particulars of your bail agreement, the agent will draw up paperwork, which you will need to sign. After the paperwork is signed, the bond agent will give the money to the proper authorities and, if approved, the person will be released on bail.

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