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How Does Bail Work in Utah

Handling bail arrangements is never easy for any family of a convict or accused, but it is imperative in times of dire need. Bail is set in accordance with the seriousness of an offense, by the city or county's court of law. The Bail Bond Company in Utah issues a bail bond to the court. Utah laws are specific to the city and must be referred to in detail before proceeding with acquiring a bail.

A bail bond is considered 'in effect' until the accused's final appearance in court. Member of the general public can hire a bail bond company to post bail on their behalf. This is a private agreement between the individual and the company he or she hires. Bond agents and companies are required to keep a continuing security agreement with Utah city court officials. This involves a 'blanket' bond that pays the court in the unfortunate event that their client does not appear in court.

Utah Bail

The bail bondsman typically asks for about 10% of the bail and proof of collateral for the balance, like proof of home ownership in the county / city or a written agreement from someone who knows you well and has a clean record and good reputation, someone who can act as your guaranteer. Some states do not allow using bail bondsmen, but Utah is not one of them.

The bail bond is typically a contract between three parties - the bail bondsman (surety), the court (obligee) and the accused (principal). With a bail bond, the bail bondsman assures the court that he will pay the amount in the case of the accused behaving badly or not showing up in court. The bondsman is also responsible for tracking the accused down and bringing him back to court in case of an escapee.

Salt Lake City Bail

To become a Bail Enforcement Agent you can apply to the Bureau of Criminal Identification in Salt Lake City. You must be over 21 years of age and a resident of United States with a clean judicial record to apply for bail for an accused. The application fee for a Bail Enforcement Agency is $250 and fee for a Bail Recovery Agent or Bail Recovery Apprentice is $150. Every applicant is also required to complete a bail enforcement training. Potential clients looking to get bail must seek licensed bail enforcement agents.

Salt Lake City Bail Bonds

In Utah, the accused needs to pledge his or her property and ensure that he or she will go to regular hearings. If he misses a court date, the bail may be cancelled or the property forfeited. The Eighth Amendment is applicable in Utah and it bars courts from charging excessive bails and fines. The fine is enough to make the accused realize the seriousness of his or her mistake and make him refrain from committing it again.

The bail process is complicated and needs detailed research and trusted partners who will work with the accused. It needs cooperation from several different parties.






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