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How long is a person on Bond or how long is the person responsible and accountable to the Bail Agent?

If you’ve been arrested on a criminal charge in Utah, and you need to go back to court for more hearings until your case is concluded, the Court has ordered a bond to guarantee that you will come back for your hearings. Otherwise, the Court believes there is a possibility you could flee. Whether or not you are guilty, you might not want to be there for your trial and risk jail-time. If you don’t fulfill whatever the Court has ordered your bond to be, you’ll stay in jail until your trial is over.

A Signature Bond or Promise to Appear

In Utah, it’s possible if your charge is minor and the Court doesn’t believe you are a flight risk that they have ordered a signature bond, where you sign and promise to go back to court. The Court won’t order just a signature bond if it believes you are a danger to the community. But with many charges, the Court orders defendants to pay money to get out of jail.

Bail vs. Bond

If the amount of money is small enough, you may be able to make it available to someone who could bring it to the jail to post as your bail. Maybe your parents or friends could pay, and after they bail you out you will hopefully pay them back. If you miss any of your court hearings after you’ve been bailed out, whoever paid that money will lose it and the Court will order a new bond.

But often the amount of money is too large, and most people won’t be able to come up with it. Maybe the judge has ordered your bond to be $5,000. You may still be able to get out of jail, but you need to find someone the judge trusts who is willing to guarantee you will go back to court. It would be a Constitutional violation if the judge set the bail amount so high that you couldn’t get out and get ready for trial.

Bail Bondsmen

This is where a bail bondsman can help you. For just a fraction of the total bond amount, and sometimes collateral such as a vehicle or property, your bail bondsman will post the entire amount so that you can be released from jail immediately. You won’t get back the percentage you paid, but if you don’t go back to court, your bondsman will lose out on the entire amount.

Contact Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Utah

If you need a bail bondsman, Bad Boys bail bonds in Utah can help you out. The jail is open for business 24/7, but so are we. We serve the entire state of Utah, and are very knowledgeable about the arrest process. We make it easy by getting you out of jail quickly so you can take care of the important business of preparing for your trial. Feel free to contact Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Utah today by calling us at 801-895-4014.

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Larry Nowak

Larry Nowak

Larry Nowak is the President of Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Salt Lake City, UT. He and his agents take pride in ensuring that nobody spends more time in jail than absolutely necessary.
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