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Can the Bail Agent arrest me and put me back in jail for any reason if they want to?

A bail Recovery agent can revoke your bond for only a handful of reasons, and they should all be listed on a form given by agent called a Utah Disclosure which is required by all. Below are 9 reasons a bond can be revoked:

  1. The defendant or indemnitor providing false info on bail application
  2.  The court increasing the amount of bail beyond sound underwriting criteria employed by the bail agent
  3. A material or detrimental change in the collateral posted by the defendant or one acting on defendants behalf
  4. The defendant changes their address or phone number or employer without reasonable notice to bail agent
  5. The defendant is arrested for another crime, other then a minor traffic violation, while on bail
  6. The defendant is back in jail in any jurisdiction and revocations can be served prior to the defendant be released
  7. Failure by defendant to appear to court at any appointed times
  8. Finding of guilt against the defendant by a court of competent jurisdiction
  9. A request by the indemnitor based on reasons A through H Above. Items (A) through (h) pertain to the defendant. Items (A)(C)(E)(G)and (I) pertain to indemnitors
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