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DUI Checkpoints for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that time of year again, St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend and that means a lot of people are going to be drinking this weekend. We here at Bad Boys Bail Bonds would like to let everybody know that we do not condone drinking and driving and we wish everybody a safe and happy holiday weekend. When people drink en masse, there will eventually be people that drive drunk. In an effort to combat this, the police will set up DUI checkpoints. What is a DUI checkpoint and how does it work?


DUI checkpoints are a method used by police in order to catch people who are driving drunk. DUI checkpoints can be used throughout the year but are most often used around holidays and on the weekends when people are more likely to drink and drive.

The rules and requirements for DUI checkpoints are pretty universal nationwide, the police are required to publish notification of the checkpoint in advance and provide information regarding why the checkpoint is in place. There are different trains of thought on DUI checkpoints. Those who are in favor of them believe that they will help deter people from drinking and driving. People who oppose the use of checkpoints believe that they don’t help because people can see where they’ll be ahead of time and simply avoid them.

Police can stop an individual for attempting to avoid a DUI checkpoint. At a checkpoint, if a driver shows signs of intoxication, they can be asked to perform a field sobriety test. Drivers have the right to refuse this test and police can then request a Breathalyzer and/or blood test. Drivers do not have the right to refuse to participate in these tests but if a driver should refuse these tests, he will be subject to punishment that can almost be as bad as a DUI.

DUI checkpoints have to follow certain rules in order to abide by the law. They either have to stop every car that comes up to the checkpoint or they have to stop cars in a certain pattern. The reason for this is to prevent the violation of a person’s fourth amendment rights that prevent unlawful search and seizure. By stopping every car or stopping them in a certain pattern, they are treating everybody equally and therefore not violating the fourth amendment.

A DUI checkpoint consists of the police cordoning off a section of the road using flashing warning lights and bright orange cones. If drivers try to turn around or actively avoid this checkpoint, police are permitted to pull them over and possibly arrest them.

DUIs are a very serious matter and checkpoints are an attempt by the police and courts to try to curb this behavior. It’s important to know what’s involved in a DUI checkpoint, and what to expect when you pull up to one. Bad Boys Bail Bonds does not condone driving under the influence so stay safe, if you’re going to drink, drink responsibly and be sure to have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Larry Nowak is the president of Bad Boys Bail Bonds and he works hard to ensure that nobody spends more time than necessary in jail. For more information, please visit

Larry Nowak

Larry Nowak is the President of Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Salt Lake City, UT. He and his agents take pride in ensuring that nobody spends more time in jail than absolutely necessary.
Larry Nowak

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