Davis County Seal - Davis County bail bonds from Bad Boys Bail Bonds UtahIf you're in Davis County, Utah and need to be bailed out of jail, Call Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah 24 hours a day for the quickest release time from the Farmington jail.Bad Boys Bail Bonds has over two decades of experience, and are known as one of Utah's most trusted family-owned and operated bail bond companies in Davis County. Not many other service providers can say they know the system and how to help you best. The goal is to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. Don't waste time calling other bail bondsmen in Davis County, Utah. We treat each person and temporary hardship by providing prompt, confidential service with understanding and respect. We'll take care of business to get your family back together as soon as possible. We know that your loved one is in a stressful situation and we will make your experience as painless as possible.

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Our bail bond company knows the system, will answer your questions quickly and is here for you 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Allow the bail bond agents at our company to help you and your family as quickly as possible.

Getting Bail in Davis County, UT

We are here to clear up all the confusion when it comes to posting bail in Davis County, UT. The process is as easy as one, two, three! The steps include:Bail Process in Davis County - Davis County Bail Bonds Utah
  1. Contact Bad Boys Bail Bonds to start the bail process. When you call, it is helpful if you have the name, date of birth, and place of the arrest of the person you are trying to bail out. This will make the process easier.
  2. Next, meet us at the jail to pick up your loved one. You need to be 18 years of age or older to sign the paperwork and complete the payment process. In order to get your loved one out, you need to post 10 percent of the bond. If bail is set at $1,000, you need to pay $100 (non-refundable in the state of Utah) to get your loved one out of jail.
  3. After bail has been posted, it will take a few hours to get your loved one out, depending on how busy it is. Usually, your loved one is released within two to eight hours.
While it can be stressful to have a loved one in jail, we are here to make this process easier. Once your loved one is released, you can continue with the defense process.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah

Local Phone: (801) 475-4488Local Bond Agent: Julee Rose

Davis County Court House

City: BountifulStreet:805 S. MainPhone: 801-397-7008

Davis County Jail

Getting your friend or loved one out of jail is extremely hard if you don't know what jail they're in. Fortunately, Davis County Jail has a convenient and easy to use inmate search that will help you locate your loved ones in no time.City: FarmingtonStreet: 800 W. State StreetPhone:801-451-4299

Davis County Utah Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

Our legal system gives the accused a means by which they can get on with their lives while preparing for court. A bail bond is a financial guarantee used to ensure that the defendant will appear in court throughout the trial. The Eighth Amendment provides citizens with a right to reasonable bail.
A licensed bail service provider in Davis County sets up the process through which a defendant, or their guarantor, pays a 10% non-refundable premium plus fees in order to be released. State law gives companies the right to set their premium rate with the Department of Insurance. Once paid, the premium is not refundable and acts as collateral of sorts that guarantees the full bail will be paid to the court if the defendant skips out on court appearances.
Bad Boys Bail Bonds knows how to find critical information when you need it most. Our expertise in determining location and booking status helps expedite the bond process. A bail bond is 10% of the bail set by the court, so for a $15,000 bail, a defendant pays $1,500 to get out of jail while awaiting trial. No agent means a person must pay the full amount of established bail before being released. Keep in mind that whoever opts to bail the defendant out will become responsible for the entire amount if the defendant skips their court appearance.

Determine Bail Amount Set by the Court

After an arrest, a court looks at the pending charges and surrounding circumstances when setting the bail amount. It is the court's attempt to ensure the defendant will return for appearances after their temporary release.

Contact Davis County with Pertinent Information

Once bail is set, we use our expertise to your advantage. You simply need to provide us with the defendant's name, location, and birth date. A payee must be at least 18 years old to meet our bail agent at the Carbon County jail with the premium payment, including any required fees.

Await Processing and Release

Our experience pays off as we work with you and the jail to secure release through a bail bond. It is possible that a co-signer or collateral may be required to secure the full amount of the bail set by the court.

Bail Bonds are Available in Davis County for the Following Charges:

  • Assault
  • Drug charges, including possession
  • Business crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex crimes
  • Homicide
  • Larceny
  • Traffic violations
  • Vandalism
  • Immigration violations
  • Any and all offenses which have a Bond set
  • We offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Our customer service exceeds expectations.
  • 25 years of trusted, reliable experience.
  • Quick, confidential service is our priority.

Davis County Statistics

Davis County Sheriff BadgePopulation: 329,692Area: 304 square milesPopulation Density:1083/sq. mile

Davis County Crime Statistics

(Based on 2011 Crime statistics)Total Crimes: 441

Types of Crime by Percentage

Property Crime: 203 (46%)Theft:148 (33.6%)Burglary: 42 (9.5%)Violent Crime:17 (3.9%)Vehicle Theft:13 (3%)Assault: 11 (2.5%)Rape: 5 (1.1%)Robbery: 1 (.2%)Arson: 1 (.2%)

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Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Davis County, Utah, we will work hard to ensure that you or your loved ones don't spend any more time in jail than absolutely necessary. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to serve all of our customers' bail needs. Contact us at 801-475-4488 or find the phone number for the bail bond agent that can help you at our contact page.

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