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Weber County Bail BondsAre you interested in learning more about the Booking and Bail Process?  Then read this informative article from our Blog written by Bad Boys Bail Bonds President Larry Nowak.  For more information regarding the Weber County Jail, Click Here.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah

Local Phone:801-475-4488

Local Bond Agent: Richard Rose

Weber County Court House

City: Ogden
Street: 2525 Grant Avenue
Phone: 801-395-1079

Weber County Jail 

Weber County JailWeber County Jail offers several services in order to help rehabilitate and educate the inmates. They offer substance abuse and AA classes to help deal with addictions of all kind. They also offer educational courses that will help inmates achieve success upon their release. These educational courses include GED and High School Equivalency.

City: Ogden
Street: 721 W 12th Street


Weber County Statistics

Population: 231,834
Area: 576 square miles
Population Density: 402.4/sq. mile

Weber County Crime Statistics

(Based on 2011 Crime statistics)

Total Crimes: 2,310

Types of Crime by Percentage

Property Crime: 1,115 (48.3%)
Theft: 788 (34.1%)
Burglary: 275 (11.9%)
Vehicle Theft: 52 (2.3%)
Violent Crime: 40 (1.7%)
Assault: 24 (1%)
Rape: 11 (.5)
Robbery: 4 (.2%)
Murder: 1 (.04%)

What Is Bail Bond in Weber County?

In Weber County, a bail bond is basically a binding agreement between the defendant, their consignee, and bailing party. In case the accused party is unable to raise the bail amount set by the court, then our bail company at Bad boys Bail Bonds will come in as a guarantor between the accused party and the court. The primary purpose of the bond is to offer an assurance to the court that upon release, the defendant will still honor all court dates.

Here are some of the common types of bails bonds in Weber County and how they work.

  • Surety Bond: A surety bond is usually posted on the defendant’s behalf by another third party working with a Weber bail bond company. The third party offers collateral to facilitate the release of the defendant.
  • Release on Your own Recognizance: In this case, the defendant is released without any payment. However, a pledge is signed in which the accused party promises to appear in court when required.
  • Cash Bond: Typically, a cash bond will be set by the court if the defendant is considered a flight risk. The amount must be paid in full by either the defendant or his/her family before he/she is released. However, the amount is returned if the defendant appears in court when required.
  • Citation Release: A citation release occurs when the defendant is released immediately after arrest. Citation release is frequent in cases such as traffic violations.
  • Property Bond: A property bond is usually used as collateral for bail.The value of the property must be at least twice that of the bail amount.

Immigration Bond: this type of bond is usually used on illegal immigration aliens who need bail. This is the most expensive type of bail bond due to the complexity of the processes involved.

How is a Bail Bond in Weber County Determined?

After an arrest occurs, the defendant is arraigned in court for the bail hearing session. The judge listens to the argument presented by the accused party and sets an appropriate amount of bail based on the severity of the alleged crime and other factors such as the risk the defendant poses to other people or themselves. The bail amount can be as low as $100 or hundreds of thousands of U.S dollars.

To get out of jail, the defendant must post the bail. Sometimes, bail amounts can high and paying the full price may not be possible. That is when a bail bond company such as Bad Boys Bail Bonds comes in to help you. Our bail bond company pays the bail amount to the court, and it still becomes liable if the accused party fails to appear in court on the specified date.

What Types of Bail Bonds Do Bad Boys Bail Bonds Help Within Weber County?

We offer bail bonds for various crimes including:

  • Traffic Offenses
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug Charges
  • Business crimes
  • Immigration violations
  • Vandalism
  • Assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Larceny
  • Any other criminal offenses which are a bond set

Why Should You Choose to Work with Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Weber County?

At Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we will work hard to ensure that you or your loved ones don't spend any more time in jail than absolutely necessary. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to serve all of our customers' bail needs, and we guarantee confidentiality. Contact us at 801-475-4488 or find the phone number for the bail bond agent that can help you at our Contact Page. Our 25 years of experience and our exceptional professional customer service sets us apart from our competitors. Contact one of our agents today at Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Weber County, and we shall gladly serve you.

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