Box Elder County Bail Bonds

Box Elder County - Box Elder County Bail Bonds in Utah - Bad Boys Bail BondsAre you interested in learning more about the Booking and Bail Process for the Box Elder County Jail?  Then read this informative article from our Blog written by Bad Boys Bail Bonds President Larry Nowak.  To see the visitation rules & schedule for the Box Elder County Jail, Click Here.


Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah

Local Phone: 435-755-6511
Local Bond Agent: Katie Keller

Box Elder County Court House

City: Brigham City
Street: 43 N. Main Street
Phone: 435-734-4600

Box Elder County Jail

Box Elder County Jail - Box Elder County Bail Bonds in Utah - Bad Boys Bail BondsSimilar to other jails, Box Elder County Jail offers numerous inmate services to assist with the rehabilitation of their inmates. In addition to religious services, they also offer offer drug and alcohol counseling. There are also work programs in place that allow inmates to work in exchange for reduced sentences and increased privileges.

City: Brigham City
Street: 50 S. 1000 W.
Phone: 435-734-3838

Box Elder County Statistics

Population: 49,902
Area: 5,746 square miles
Population Density: 8.7/sq. mile

Box Elder County Crime Statistics

(Based on 2011 Crime statistics)

Total Crimes: 462

Types of Crime by Percentage

Property Crime: 227 (49.1%)
Theft: 167 (36.1%)
Burglary: 48 (10.4%)
Vehicle Theft: 12 (2.6%)
Violent Crime: 4 (.8%)
Assault: 3 (.6%)
Robbery: 1 (.2%)

At Bad Boys Bail Bonds, we will work hard to ensure that you or your loved ones don't spend any more time in jail than absolutely necessary. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to serve all of our customers' bail needs. Contact us at 866-306-8227 or find the phone number for the bail bond agent that can help you at our Contact Page.

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