Reata Holt

Phone: (801) 569-1131
Serving: Salt Lake County Utah

a photo of Reata Holt a Bail Bond Agent Reata started in the bail bond industry September 1986. Reata is the owner and operating manager of Fox Force L.L.C. One of the largest and most successful bail enforcement agencies in the nation. During this life long career Reata has mastered the arts of client management, private investigations, acting as a court liaison between client and courts. Reata is state approved to teach the Utah state certification class for bail enforcement, unmatched in experience at training successful and effective bail enforcement agents. She wrote the first curriculum for this class for the private industry. Ensuring the proper learning of history, legal aspects, investigative skills and techniques, street survival, apprehension training, handcuffs and restraints, booking, prisoner transport, with 25 years experience, and actual application in the field. Reata is a board member of the Utah bail enforcement association, having been intimately involved with the association since its conception, Reata has been directly involved with most legislation in Utah that pertains to the bail industry. Reata started with Bad Boys Bail Bonds in the beginning of 2011 and has been a valuable asset ever since.


Both the bail bonding as well as Bail Recovery industry was taken to new heights when Reata Holt became one of the most respected professionals with her talents including not only her organizational skills, but her personal and professional drive to ensure that defendants are properly educated and informed concerning the terms of their bond as well as a very independent and highly skilled tracker of those that fail to appear. She is quite the Enigma for having resolved literally thousands of cases incorporating decades of real-life experiences and is constantly honing each and every skill she has developed. She is by far the most professional individual in her field considering Recovery is primarily dominated by male agents.

A natural leader as well as counselor, she epitomizes the title of 'Bounty Hunter'. We have worked on many cases together though long distance, Reata has always exemplified the responsible conscientious individual who could be trusted from start to finish. There has never been any bond or recovery she could not handle and I am proud to be a fellow Recovery agent and to be called her friend. It is an honor to work with such an individual who maintains integrity when others fall short, and has remained true and faithful to these qualities over the 4 years I have know her.

David G

I wanted to say how much I appreciate Reata Holt with Bad Boys Bail Bonds. She is very helpful and courteous and treats you with total respect. She is awesome and I would refer anyone to her and the rest of the Bad Boys crew!

Alycia C

I have had the pleasure of working with Reata for the last several months on a joint project. I have noted her to have an excellent work ethic and a sterling reputation in the industry. Further, I have observed firsthand the efficiency with which she performs tasks and the quality of her work product. Reata is one of the few people I have come across that I would feel safe going through a door with, as well as entrust my entire administrative function to. Her background in training and education for the industry is well documented and easily qualifies her as an expert in her professional endeavors.

Heath M

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