Liz Ferguson

Phone: (435) 637-4824

Serving: Carbon & Emery County Utah


Liz has been an agent of Bad Boys Bail Bonds for nine months. Liz brings with her 20 plus years of experience working in human service. She has a Bachelors in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Counseling. She has worked for many years in the field of Substance Abuse Prevention. During this career Liz has coordinated and developed the Carbon County Youth Court. She has coordinated and developed presentations on Drug Addiction, and prevention for local business, and extraction companies, and provided substance abuse intervention services for families in need. She has worked with hundreds of youth throughout the years sharing her message of substance abuse prevention. She has had the privilege of working with families on drug interventions. Her experience in the field of substance abuse has helped her understand the need for more education regarding the understanding of addiction, and the effect it has on loved ones. Liz is an advocate for prevention, and addiction education, and believes there is still much work to be done in educating communities on protective factors of prevention, and the understanding of recovery. She also believes that giving back to your community is vital.

Her volunteer experience consist of the following:
· Founding Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County.
· Founder of Community Development Coalition-East Carbon served as Chair
· Founder of Communities that Care Coalition-Price served as Chair
· Served on the Community School Council –Bruin Point
· Chair for East Carbon Planning and Zoning
· Served as a member of the Healthy Families Coalition-Price
· Served as a member of the Inter-agency Community Council
· Served as a member of the Board of Directors for State Youth Court.

Liz believes that everyone deserves a chance, and has a great desire to help those in need.

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