Katie Keller

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Phone: (435) 755-6511

Serving: Box Elder & Cache County Utah

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a photo of Katie Keller a Bail Bond AgentMy name is Katie K. I have lived in Logan, UT for five years, and have been working for Bad Boys Bail Bonds for almost two years now. I have loved working for this company. Not only is this a great place to work, they are great to work with!! This job kinda fell into my lap, but I'm glad it did!

Just a bit about me... I love to cook! If there is anything to do with food I'm there! I also love to hang out with friends and family as everyone does. I'm not a big out-doors girl, but I do love to hike in our beautiful mountains when the weather is good! I'm a big fan of taking it easy and relaxing when every possible! I have always viewed myself as a responsible person and am always there for people in their time of need. As I have had the opportunity to help man others, I look forward to working with YOU, in your time of need!


It's never fun getting a phone call late at night, to come bail someone out. But as we all know, life happens. Driving down to the Logan County Jail, all I could wonder, and think was, "I have better things to be doing. How long is this going to take?" I knew that Bad Boys Bail Bonds had been contacted, yet I had no idea what to expect.

I entered the building and was pleasantly surprised! I was greeted with a friendly smile from Katie Keller. Not only was she so kind and understanding to the situation, she was there to do her job quickly and efficiently. When I all I wanted was to be at home sleeping, it was such a relief to find out she already had most of the work done by then time I got there! She was very informative as to what was going to happen and what the process was. I never once felt confused or uncomfortable.

As these situations are never the best, Katie made it go quickly and with ease. Before I knew it, my friend was released and we were on our way! Thank you Katie and Bad Boys Bail Bonds for coming through in a time of need and making it so easy when the situation can be so hard!

Becky H., Logan UT

I really can't say enough about Katie K. and Bad Boys Bail Bonds! I had a loved one arrested and no idea how to go about bailing him out. Fortunately I had heard about your agent, Katie K, where I work. I contacted Larry and asked for Katie and it was smooth sailing. Both Larry and Katie were so patient and understanding and explained everything very well. Katie showed up quickly and was kind yet professional. She easily walked me through the paperwork, and we had my relative released right away.

This is a company and people that really do understand what the accused and their loved ones are going through. I also have personally talked with others who've worked with Bad Boys Bail Bonds and with Katie and they have experienced the same great service.

It's reassuring to know that when a tough situation comes along, there are understanding, competent and quick professionals ready to help!

Julie M.

Katie was exceptionally professional and quick in helping in a bad situation. I would recommend her highly.


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