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Being arrested is stressful and every definition of the world unpleasant. Our team at Bad Boys Bail Bonds understands this and that’s why we are so passionate about providing fair, fast, honest, and confidential bail bond agreements.

If your friend or loved one has been arrested and is being held in Salt Lake City jail,  call our Salt Lake County bondsman can get your loved one out of jail fast.




Our Bail Agents are available across the entire state of Utah to help you in your time of need. In certain counties, we use local phone numbers.  If you're unable to reach one of our Local Agents at a number listed below, call us toll-free and we'll be there to bail you or your loved one out very soon.  Remember, if we cannot bail you or your loved one out of jail, no one can!

Bad Boys Bail Agents Number Listed Below!

We Know What Trials Are, But What Exactly is the Bail Process?

Anyone who has read a crime article in the newspaper or watched the news knows that once a person gets arrested and charged with a crime they then go through the court process. However, while most folks understand what a court is and does in general, what’s not familiar are all the steps that occur before a trial actually occurs, the scenario many are so used to from TV shows and Hollywood movies. In fact, one of the most important steps for a defendant in a trial is the arraignment and bail hearing which for many who are charged are the first steps in the trial process.

The arraignment hearing is where a defendant is brought in front of the court, presented with the formal criminal charges by the prosecution, and given a chance to plead. Usually, that’s either “innocent” or “guilty.” There are other possibilities, but most people pick one of the first two. If “innocent”, then the judge makes a decision on what should happen to the defendant until the trial starts. If "guilty," the judge then proceeds to schedule sentencing.

Getting Bail in Salt Lake City is as easy as 1-2 -3

OurUtah bail bonds team is committed to helping each step of the way and provide you with all the information you need to get your loved one out FAST and as Painless as possible. Let's take a look at how we get that process done.

Bail Is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • First, you call us at Bad Boys Bail Bonds. Bailout starts with contacting your local bondsman. Salt Lake City bonds will require you to give us the name, date of birth, and the place of arrest for your loved one. We'll also need your contact info.
  • We meet at the Salt Lake City jail. After that initial phone call, a representative from our bail bond company will meet with you at the jail. A person 18 years or older must be available to sign an agreement and submit the necessary payment. That payment will be 10% of the bail set. For example, if your loved one has a bail set at $10,000, you'll pay us a non-refundable $1,000 and we pay the full amount to the court.
  • We get your loved ones released from jail. Finally, we post the bail and push to get your loved ones released as soon as possible. Generally, that will be between 2 and 8 hours.

How Do Bail Bonds Work While Waiting for a Trial?

In the old days, a defendant had to sit in prison until brought before trial. In the meantime, he lost his job, income, and even his family cohesion being unable to provide for them. Today, in most states like Utah, a defendant is given a chance to bail out and provide financial security to the court that he or she will appear for trial in exchange for financial collateral, usually money. If the defendant doesn’t show up later on for trial, the bail is seized by the court and the defendant is pursued arrest on a bench warrant, a specific court order to appear, and be restrained until trial.

The bail, however, can be a substantial amount of money. And, the more serious the crime charged, the higher the bail amount will likely be. Most folks don’t have $5,000 or $10,000 ready to put up as bail, much less $50,000 or more. This is where a bail bonds company like Bad Boys Bail Bonds comes into play, providing freedom for the innocent until found guilty in a fair trial. While bail is not required to be paid by a defendant, most folks don’t want to sit in a jail cell until their trial date. So, a bail bonds lender like Bad Boys Bail Bonds tends to be the practical choice for many.

What Critical Role Does a Bail Agency Provide a Defendant?

The bail agency works as a business, charging a fee for its loan to a defendant. The fee is typically near 10 percent of the total bail amount required but it varies from agency to agency. To make sure that the defendant shows up at trial, and the bail bond is not compromised, the bondsman and bail agency has the power to pursue the defendant if a non-appearance occurs, even arresting powers. The agency can also sue the defendant’s estate for the total loss of the bail, including any additional costs as well as court fees and interest charges.

Most bail agencies like Bad Boys Bail Bonds will work with defendants with a variety of payment tools to cover the fee. Assuming the defendant shows up and the fee is paid timely, the bail agent has the power to take cash, credit, asset title, and similar depending on what the defendant can provide.

Don't Plan Once Arrested, Learn Before Life Changes

Everyone should have a working understanding of how bail and bail agency like Bad Boys Bail Bonds can help a defendant, just like knowing how to drive a car or how to give someone CPR when needed. Law, courts, and the possibility of being arrested can happen to anyone, from any walk of life. So taking some time to just learn how bail works and the freedom benefit it provides in the criminal process is essential for everybody. And, when you do need help, Bad Boys Bail Bonds are ready and available in Utah to give you the support you need while you prepare for trial.

For all counties not listed, call our Toll Free-Statewide-help line & our President, Larry Nowak, will take care of you personally. - 866-569-1131

Agent NameCounties / Areas ServicedContact Number
Katie KellerBox Elder County / Brigham City
(435) 755-6511
Katie KellerCache County / Logan(435) 755-6511
Larry NowakCarbon County / Price(435) 637-4824
Julee RoseDavis County / Bountiful(801) 475-4488
Michael BaerSalt Lake County / Salt Lake City(801) 636-4105
Larry Nowak Duschene County / Duschene(435) 789-4446
Larry Nowak Emery County & Castle Dale
(435) 637-4824
Amy EricksonIron County / Cedar City(435) 652-5112
Larry NowakSalt Lake County / Salt Lake City(801) 569-1131
Kendall ReeveSalt Lake County / West Jordan
(801) 566-1108
Larry NowakTooele County / Tooele(435) 882-4350
Larry NowakUintah County / Vernal(435) 789-4446
Michael BaerUtah County / Provo(801) 768-4348
Amy EricksonWashington County / St. George(435) 652-5112
Richard RoseWeber County  / Ogden(801) 566-1108
Pamela FullerGrand County  / Moab(866)-569-1131
Pamela FullerSan Juan County  / Monticello (866)-569-1131
Michael BaerUtah County / Provo (866)-569-1131
Michael BaerSalt Lake County / Salt Lake City(866)-569-1131




Larry Nowak Profile Photo - President and CEO of Bad Boys Bail Bonds in UtahLarry Nowak President and CEO of Bad Boys Bail Bonds
Serving in the industry for over 10 years and currently the Co-chairman for the Bail Recovery Licensee and Misconduct board through BCI.

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