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Couple on a Boat

Bail for Boating Under the Influence

Safety should always be a priority when you are out on the water. This cannot be done if you are unable to operate your water vessel properly and cannot make sound decisions.

Being under the influence of alcohol or a narcotic while you are operating a water vessel is illegal and can result in serious ramifications. In the state of Utah, the laws prohibiting boating under the influence are just as strictly enforced as the laws prohibiting driving under the influence. It is an activity that can have grave legal and personal repercussions for you and other people out on the water. If you need the services of a bail bond company because you, a family member or friend have been charged with boating under the influence in Utah, don’t hesitate to contact Bad Boys Bail Bonds.

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How to Expedite the Bail Process

The moments following an arrest can be some of the most stressful and traumatic of your lifetime. Especially in the case of first-time offenders, having your freedom taken away can be as embarrassing as it is frightening. However, luckily many are fortunate enough to be able to post bail and get released prior to their court date. While it does not always guarantee you will stay out of jail, being bailed out far supersedes the alternative. The purpose of Bad Boy Bails Bonds is to help those who find themselves or their loved ones in this unfortunate predicament, to get their lives back to normal, as soon as possible.

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Someone Got Arrested, What to Do Next?

Someone Got Arrested, What to Do Next?

How to Bail Someone Out of a Utah Jail

Jail is one of the last places we ever want to see our loved ones. The uncertainty surrounding the whole jail experience affects not only the inmate, but it is often very stressful for their friends and family. If you find yourself in this situation, Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah wants to provide you with the information you need so that the bail bond process goes as quickly as possible, and you can be reunited with your loved one.

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What Should I Know Before I Contact a Utah Bail Agent?

Getting mixed up with legal trouble can be scary and confusing especially if you are not sure of how to post bail to get out. Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah is able to assist in posting bails, navigating the bail system, and help your loved ones figure out what they need to even begin.

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Booking and Bail Washington County Jail

The Washington county jail located at 750 South 5300 West in Hurricane, Utah. This is off of Interstate 15 by taking exit 16 (state highway 9).  Bail may be posted at the jail 24 hours a day.

We at Bad Boys Bail Bonds know that the situation you are in is a trying time and that you need helpful, understanding people to assist you.  To ensure a smooth and expeditious bail process, keep in mind the following:

  • The bail bond process once you arrive at the jail takes approximately 60-90 minutes
  • The exact amount due for bail is required, the following forms of payment are accepted: cash, credit/debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, & Discover
  • When the corrections officer releases the inmate he/she requires a signature from the person responsible for taking custody of the inmate.  This person MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OLD
  • One of the purposes of obtaining a bail bond is to secure the “promise” of the inmate to appear in court.  The inmate usually knows this date when they are released and it is a good idea for the cosigner to acknowledge this information

A photo of Bad Boys Bail Bonds Washington County Agent - Amy Erickson

Upon arrival at the jail our bond agent - Amy Erickson - will collect, along with the bail bond payment, the information that was previously discussed on the phone.  If the aforementioned information is not provided it is most likely that the process will not proceed until the information is made available, therefore it is very important to come prepared.

The following list details most of the information that will need to be presented during the initial meeting:

  • Address information for the inmate and cosigner
  • Phone numbers for the inmate and cosigner
  • Photo identification for the cosigner
  • Proof of employment for the cosigner and inmate (if applicable)
  • Any other documentation that was discussed during the initial phone call

During the preliminary paperwork discussion our Washington County bail agent Amy Erickson will explain what it means to bail someone out of jail and will ensure that those obligations are understood.  It is important to remember that bail bond agents are not attorneys and therefore Amy will not provide any legal advice.

If you would like to view the visitation schedule for the Washington County Jail visit this page.

Hopefully you will never find yourself in this tough spot; but if you do please don’t hesitate to call 866-569-1131 and let us help you or your loved one get out of this unfortunate situation.

State of Utah Eliminating Financing of Bail Bonds?

In 2010 the Utah Department of Insurance added language to Rule 590-164-4 to require all bail bond companies to charge customers a minimum of 10% on the total amount of the bail.  Prior to this change the law limited bail bond companies to no more than 20%.  While this law appeared to “even the playing field” for the bail bond companies it actually hinders the free market system by imposing strict guidelines on how bail bond companies operate.

Now the Department of Insurance is once again attempting to negatively impact the free market system by eliminating financing of bail bonds.  This hurts the consumers, the bail bond companies and the tax payers of the state of Utah.  Here are just a few ways eliminating financing on bail bonds hurts the state of Utah.

  • Without the ability to post bail suspects will be incarcerated until they see a judge.  This means they will lose their ability to make money at their jobs. This will lead to them being laid off or fired.  Then we have an individual who otherwise could have maintained employment – unemployed and likely unemployable for the foreseeable future.
  • While they are incarcerated they need to eat and have shelter provided – this of course is paid for by tax revenue.
  • When jails become over crowded individuals are released to tax funded programs like PTS or Over Crowd Releasing.
  • When individuals fail to appear in court there is no bail company being held accountable and thus no bounty hunter to track down the criminal.  It then becomes the responsibility of warrant officers or local police agencies to locate these criminals, thus resources are now dedicated to chasing known criminals as opposed to preventing and investigating new crime.

With the next legislative session right around the corner we ask that you closely examine the proposed change that would eliminate financing of bail bonds. Once you have done this then speak with your state legislators in the House of Representatives and Senate to determine if you also believe, like we do here at Bad Boys Bail Bonds, that the proposed changes are in fact bad for the state of Utah. 

Once you have examined the language and made your determination please let us know if you too believe that the proposed change to Rule 590-164 is unnecessary and in fact bad for the State of Utah.

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