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Booking and Bail Utah County Jail

When bailing out a loved one from the Utah county jail located at 3075 N Main Street in Spanish Fork Utah there are a few things you should know.

Susan - Utah County Jail - Bad Boys Bail Bonds UtahHello my name is Susan Law-Andersen, this article details what to expect as you or a loved one deal with the Utah county jail bail process.

The building you need to go to is called the UTAH COUNTY SECURITY CENTER and the entrance door to the correct department has a sign that reads PUBLIC ENTRANCE TO JAIL BOOKING.

This process usually takes around 30-45 minutes from the time the paperwork is started until the time the inmate is released. Assuming that you had agreed to work with me this is a high level overview of how the process works.

  • First when we meet I will ask to see your identification and for your payment of our services and if you would like me to I will be happy to show you my I.D.
  • I will then fill out the paperwork that the jail initially requires to start their procedure of releasing inmates.
  • While we wait, I will ask you to fill out the personal information that we need from you.  We will go over each section together so you understand what it is that you are filling out.  As we do this  we will be watching for your loved one to be released.
  • Then, after I have reviewed  the paperwork with  him/her and answered their questions, and I feel sure that he/she understands it's in a satisfactory manner, we will proceed to fill it out together.
  • At any time during this process I will answer any questions either of you may have.  I will leave you both with my card that has contact  information on it if you have any additional questions.

Side Notes
Please bring your reading glasses if you need them to fill out paperwork! Also, I will be asking the inmate for alot of information, including the names, address's and phone number's of those the inmate might want to use as references. Many of us store some contact information in our phones. If you are aware that the inmate does not have his/her phone with him and you have access to where the phone might be please bring it, as it will help the paperwork go much smoother.

Please make note I have added the directions to the closest gas stations where you can get change, as exact change is required when paying with cash.

  • If you are driving North to reach the Utah County Jail, take the 257 A-B EXIT  SF MAIN ST  PRICE.  
  • If you need to stop for change, stay in the right hand lane until you get to the end of the exit.

    • Turn right onto SF main street and go 3 blocks to the Tesoro which will be on your right side (West side of road).  When you are done, go back the 3 blocks and continue on with the directions as if you did not need cash...
  • Turn left onto SF main street.  Drive approx. 1.6 miles to the jail (Utah County Security Center) it will be on your left (west side of road). The address is 3075 N Main Street SF. The general info line to the jail is 801-851-4301.  They are open 24 hours a day.
  • If you are driving South to get to the Utah County Jail, take the exit that says 400 South Exit 260.
  • Stay in the right hand lane until the end of the exit, where you will turn right, drive 4 blocks, then turn left onto the road that says Spanish Fork City. From this point, it is approx. 1.3 miles to the jail.
  • If you need to stop for change, there is a Conoco (Gas-n-Go) that will be on your left side (South side of road) in the second block you drive past.
  • Watch for The Utah County Jail which will be on your right (West side of road).  

Transportation After you have paid for and taken care of the bail, your family member/friend that is in jail can only be released to a person with a current driver's license.  If there is no such person to pick them up, the jail provides them with a ride to Provo, near the Health and Justice building. There they are released onto the streets that have many choices for further transportation i.e. The Greyhound Bus and UTA. The Utah coalightion(spelling?) Hotel is also near. If you are driving your friend/family member home and they were charged  with a DUI or drugs, you will be provided with an additional form that you are required to sign. You will be stating that you are aware of those specific charges and that you will be responsible and act accordingly to this information.

Hopefully you will never find yourself in this tough spot; but if you do please don’t hesitate to call us at 866-569-1131 to help you or your loved one get out of this unfortunate situation.

Larry Nowak
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