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Booking & Bail Process for Cache County Jail

When bailing out a loved one from the Cache County Jail located at 1225 W Valley View (200 N) in Logan Utah there are a few things you should know.

  • If you are bailing them out yourself make sure you have the exact amount in cash!  While debit and credit cards are accepted as forms of payment, you will be assessed an excessively high fee when used as payment.   So again, make sure you have cash and exact change if you are forgoing a bail bond company.
  • If you are using a bail bond company then it will be a lot different. While each Bail Agent is required to follow the guidelines set by the jail each Bail Agent differs slightly when dealing with the cosigners and defendant.

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Agent - Katie Keller talks to the cosigner to ensure that the cosigner understands what he or she is liable for prior to proceeding with the bail process.  After Katie believes the cosigner understands their obligations she will then proceed with the paperwork.  Once the cosigner is done filling out the paperwork, Katie will then notify the jail that she is there and then proceed to meet with the defendant and have them fill out the same paperwork.  After she provides the jail her bond she waits with the cosigner for the defendant; once again helping them understand what lies ahead and to answer any questions they may have.

On average you can expect to wait around 60 to 90 minutes to complete the bail process and be released from the Cache County Jail.  This of course is an average and therefore at times it may be much quicker and some times it is much longer; it all depends on how many people are being held at the time.

Also, an important item to note is that the Cache County jail administers breathalyzer tests to anyone who plans on driving home any defendant that was drunk when they were arrested.  After passing the jail will have the person transporting the defendant sign a waver stating they understand that they are responsible for the defendant for the next 12 hours.

That is just about what you can expect when trying to bail your loved one out of jail in Cache County Utah. We hope this information has been useful, if we have missed anything or you would like to comment please fill out the form below. Additionally, we are willing to answer any questions you may have, click here for more information on how to get in contact with Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah regarding anything related to the Cache County Jail.

Hopefully you will never find yourself in this tough spot; but if you do please don’t hesitate to call us to help you or your loved one get out of this unfortunate situation.

Utah DUI - Checkpoints & Smartphone Apps

Utah DUI checkpoints and smartphone apps that help drivers located DUI checkpoints are covered in this post from Utah criminal defense attorney Steven M. Dubreuil 

Utah DUI checkpoints can now be downloaded via multiple applications that offer map alerts, and an opportunity for people to report speed traps to other motorists. One application named "Fuzz Alert" has caused concern among some Democrat lawmakers, including Sen. Charles Schumer of New York and Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. These top politicians are asking Apple, Research in Motion, which make the iPhone and Blackberry smartphones as well as Google to ban the sales of these apps.

The CEO of "Fuzz Alert" has actually seen in an increase in sales since the lawmakers have spoken out against such technology. Some Utah police agencies are not concerned, "It actually helps us do what we want to do." said South Salt Lake police officer Gary Keller. "We want to deter DUI’s. We want people to know that, yeah, we are out there looking for them."

Sgt. Ted Tingey of the Utah Highway Safety Office agrees in that he advertises its DUI enforcement in hopes of keeping drunk drivers off the road. He has noticed that when they put up DUI checkpoints many club and bar owners provide courtesy ride homes for patron on these particular nights.

Most people including the officers tend to think that a true drunk driver will not get into his vehicle flip on his app and search for local law enforcement checkpoints. Keller stated, “When people become intoxicated, the first thing that goes out the window is judgment, so a lot of times they may know about the DUI checkpoints. They may have these apps on their phone but they ignore them because of the lack of judgment."

If you get a DUI, contact Steve DuBreuil at, do not let this situation be worse than it already is, get representation.
Regardless, there is nothing wrong with having these apps; unless the laws change and make it illegal to do so.

State of Utah Eliminating Financing of Bail Bonds?

In 2010 the Utah Department of Insurance added language to Rule 590-164-4 to require all bail bond companies to charge customers a minimum of 10% on the total amount of the bail.  Prior to this change the law limited bail bond companies to no more than 20%.  While this law appeared to “even the playing field” for the bail bond companies it actually hinders the free market system by imposing strict guidelines on how bail bond companies operate.

Now the Department of Insurance is once again attempting to negatively impact the free market system by eliminating financing of bail bonds.  This hurts the consumers, the bail bond companies and the tax payers of the state of Utah.  Here are just a few ways eliminating financing on bail bonds hurts the state of Utah.

  • Without the ability to post bail suspects will be incarcerated until they see a judge.  This means they will lose their ability to make money at their jobs. This will lead to them being laid off or fired.  Then we have an individual who otherwise could have maintained employment – unemployed and likely unemployable for the foreseeable future.
  • While they are incarcerated they need to eat and have shelter provided – this of course is paid for by tax revenue.
  • When jails become over crowded individuals are released to tax funded programs like PTS or Over Crowd Releasing.
  • When individuals fail to appear in court there is no bail company being held accountable and thus no bounty hunter to track down the criminal.  It then becomes the responsibility of warrant officers or local police agencies to locate these criminals, thus resources are now dedicated to chasing known criminals as opposed to preventing and investigating new crime.

With the next legislative session right around the corner we ask that you closely examine the proposed change that would eliminate financing of bail bonds. Once you have done this then speak with your state legislators in the House of Representatives and Senate to determine if you also believe, like we do here at Bad Boys Bail Bonds, that the proposed changes are in fact bad for the state of Utah. 

Once you have examined the language and made your determination please let us know if you too believe that the proposed change to Rule 590-164 is unnecessary and in fact bad for the State of Utah.

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