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Is There Bail For Sex Offender?

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Sex offense is considered to be the worst kind of criminal offense against individuals and societal values. Sex offenders are considered to be the lowest of the low in the society, even in prisons. Sex offenses are deformed human behaviour, many times a result of degenerative thinking or psychological stress or bad childhood experiences. Society has always struggled with finding the best ways to protect its people from sex offenders. The only effective solution found so far is to keep them at the periphery of the society, and away from people who could be harmed by them.

How to Handle Bail for Sex Offenders

But are we being entirely realistic in sending these sex offenders to prison to rot for the rest of their days? Is there no other way that we can engage in constructive and permanent reform by offering them another opportunity towards transformation? Is there an option for bail for these sex offenders?

Most criminal sexual offenses fall within the jurisdiction of the state law, but federal law also includes many sexual offenses. Federal laws are much stricter with respect to these offenses. Bail in Salt Lake City is still a viable option for accused. The Bail Reform Act of 1984 allows federal courts to deny bail to a defendant who presents a danger to the community. This preventive detention is to protect people from falling prey to the dangers of these people. But before we turn against these people, are we even ensuring that they have been given a fair chance to defend themselves? It is within the parameter of human rights to give each person a fair chance to safeguard their interests and a chance to prove their innocence.

Unless a defendant is charged with crimes punishable by death, bail is an appropriate option. The worse the crime, the more likely it is that the defendant might not be considered for bail. The government needs to show clear and convincing evidence that no release conditions can guarantee the safety of the community.  The defendant can offer evidence that challenges this designation of being dangerous.

The following conditions should be met before giving bail to accused of sexual crimes:

  1. Verification of Criminal record
  2. Confirmation and record of appearing in court for each hearing
  3. Family ties and friends – background check
  4. Work record, financial resources
  5. Mental condition and health
  6. History of violence
  7. Whether convicted of similar offenses

These conditions ensure society’s safety while giving the defendant an opportunity to prove their innocence or show the law that they are capable of change.

To ensure that people accused of such crimes are not a threat to society police can issue active public notices to help alert the neighbourhood of the details of the case. This will help ease tension. Although this may have an adverse effect on the defendant and his family. It can also lead the neighbours to harbour feelings of apathy and hatred towards the defendant and anyone associated with them. To help ease the defendant’s situation they should be counselled, along with the neighbourhood, by the authorities themselves.

Strict sex offender laws unreasonably create a universal hysteria about sex offenders by qualifying them as monsters, without even considering their background or offering them a chance at innocence. 

Larry Nowak is the President of Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Salt Lake City, UT. He works hard to make sure that people get the bail they deserve regadless of circumstances. For more information on bail in Salt Lake City, for more information, please visit

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