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What Courts Consider When Setting Bail Amounts in Salt Lake City: Part III

All right folks, here we are again. Factors That Determine Bail Amount in Salt Lake City Part III: Return of the Blog. We’ve already discussed several factors that come into play when a judge or clerk sets bail. This being part 3, you should probably check out part I and part II if you haven’t already. In case you haven’t read those and those links just aren’t the right color for you, here’s a quick rundown of the factors we’ve discussed: The nature and circumstances of the crime committed, the potential penalty, family and community ties, employment history, length of residency, reputation within the community, history of mental illness, substance abuse, criminal record, previous failures to appear, and evidence of the risk of flight. So let’s talk about the last couple things that judges and courts use to determine bail amounts:

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"He seems harmless, is bail really necessary?"

More Factors for Salt Lake City Bail Amounts 

Known Aliases

Known aliases are not inherently bad but they are taken into account when determining bail. Most people have known aliases that they might not even know about, i.e. Joshua, Josh, etc. These types of aliases are not a concern when setting bail. If your name is Steven Johnson and you have a known alias of Jacob Powell, this may raise some red flags in the court. This may be construed as someone attempting to hide his or her Identity.

False Identifications 

In addition to being illegal in their own right, false identifications will often raise the same concerns as suspicious known aliases. False identifications show a history of trying to hide one’s identity or act as somebody else. This is a concern for judges and courts because it makes it easier for them to flee while leaving limited traces.

Currently Free on Bail

If someone is currently out on bail for other charges, this shows the court and judges several things that might cause them concern. First, it shows that they are more likely to commit another offense if released on bail again. It also shows distinct lack of consideration for the bail agreement and a willingness to waste the court’s time.

Restraining Orders

If somebody has a restraining order currently placed on him or her, this can have an impact on the bail amount. This may not come into account based on the charge they are currently detained for. If the defendant is being held on a violent crime charge though, this may be a huge factor in the judge or clerk’s decision to set bail.

Probation or Parole

A person who is on probation or parole is under an agreement to stay within the confines of the law no matter what. That being the case, being on probation or parole dramatically effects the court’s decision to set bail and the amount of the bail if they decide to allow it.

Pending Appeals

Pending appeals will affect the court’s decision in the same way as probation or parole. This is because a pending appeal is still considered a conviction until it is successfully appealed and overturned. Courts will take this into consideration when setting bail.

To Be Continued… Just Kidding

So there you have it, a list of things that courts take into consideration when setting bail amounts. Our journey has come to an end and I can honestly say… Thank goodness, you guys are just not very good traveling companions. You didn’t pitch for gas and, frankly, I’m tired of having to pay for all the food. Anyway, take these things into consideration before you commit a crime and since you’re already thinking about it, just go ahead and don’t commit that crime.

Larry Nowak is the President of Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Salt Lake City, UT. He and his team always work hard to ensure that none of their clients get stuck in jail for any longer than absolutely necessary. He also likes to write long blogs and make weird jokes about vacations and stuff. For more information about him, please visit

Larry Nowak

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