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Bad Boys Bail Bonds Reflects On Ten Years in Business

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah is a family owned bonding agency that began in 2005. This year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We started the business after witnessing people who had made minor legal mistakes being treated like nothing more than a dollar sign. We realized that we could be part of the problem, or part of the solution. We help families navigate the complex legal system and get their loved ones back to their regular lives and jobs. Being in the bail bonds business is rewarding to provide a service people depend on.

What has Changed in the Utah Bail Bond Industry Over the Past 10 Years?

In the past, bail bondsmen were not held accountable for the minimum or maximum amounts they charged. This resulted in charges being all over the board with little uniformity among companies. Now, bail bonds companies must charge a 10% minimum bond fee, and can charge up to a 20% maximum bond fee. This has helped level the playing field for bail bond companies in Utah.

Another small change in the bail bond industry has to do with the actual jail. Nowadays, the jail charges a bonding fee to the inmate. The jail charges a $5 fee for each warrant the inmate is bailed out on. This means that if you had two warrants, the jail would charge you $10 on top of your bail amount. If the jail charges a fee in order to process a bail bond, the actual fee may be passed through to the defendant or the co-signer.

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Difference Between Bail Bond Agents and Bail Recovery Agents (Bounty Hunters)

Bail bond agents put up the money in order to get you out of jail, whereas bail recovery agents, also called bounty hunters, are the ones who arrest you and bring you back to jail. Bail bond agents hire bail recovery agents for a percentage of the bond to return a bail skipper to jail, which protects the bail bond agency's investment. While they are completely different occupations, the bounty hunter is vital to the financial success of the bail bondsman.

What has Changed in the Bail Recovery Industry Over the Past 10 Years?

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Contact Pistol Petes to become a Utah certified bail recovery agent

The bail recovery industry has also changed over the past decade. One of the biggest changes is that the industry is much more regulated. A person choosing this line of work, now must get certified before being able to get a job in the field. Here is what it takes to become a Utah bail recovery agent:

  • Must meet some basic requirements such as being 21 years of age, a legal citizen of the United States, and you cannot have any felonies on your record
  • Must complete utah bail enforcement education and training requirements
  • Must pass Utah bail recovery exam
  • Must submit an application to the state of Utah
  • Obtain proper weapon permits

Once a recovery agent obtains their license they can get their official badge. Utah Code Ann. § 53-11-121 allows a bail enforcement agent or bail recovery agent to wear or display a badge of a design approved by the Bail Bond Recovery Licensure Board. Bail recovery agents are required to carry their badge with their professional license number on it.

Benefits of Privatized Bail Bonds vs Government Controlled

Bail bondsmen and bail recovery agents are entrepreneurs. Bail industry professionals pay for their own handcuffs, pay for their own education, etc. If the government handled these industries, it would cost Utah more in taxes in order for the state to provide the equipment and training to government employees. Privatized bail saves tax payers money!

Another benefit of bondsmen and bounty hunters is the time they free up with local law enforcement. Bounty hunters handle the tasks of taking criminals who have jumped bail, back to jail (usually for minor offenses like pot charges). This leaves the police more time to focus on more serious crimes that could be occurring. Additionally, bail and bounty agents treat people with care and respect. People who contact us for bail are paying customers, and we treat them well so they will return to us next time.  If the government handled the bail industry, people seeking bonds would be treated more like they are at the jail (and we’ll leave you to form your own opinion on how that would be different)

Bad Boys Bail Bonds Utah

This Utah bail bond industry is rarely ever dull, and many aspects have changed over the past decade. One thing unchanged is our commitment to the people of Utah, and our goal of offering excellent service to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is our intention for our customers to be able to turn to us for ten more years, and beyond!

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