Month: <span>March 2020</span>

COVID-19 Update: Bad Boys Bail Bonds Remains Fully Operational

COVID-19 Update: Bad Boys Bail Bonds Remains Fully Operational

In light of the spreading coronavirus pandemic, Bad Boys Bail Bond’s is doing our part to contain its spread and to implement our government’s recommendations. We are still up and running and please be assured Bail hearings are still taking place.

To help people from going out in public we typically meet them at their home or at court. Our Agents are using extra hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing to protect against the spread of the virus.

We are also taking proper precautions to reduce unnecessary risk of exposure to the COVID-19 by daily checking our team for temperature or signs of illness to be sure they are well before they work with clients.

Please contact us with any questions or if you need our assistance.

Thank you for your business and support!

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