Month: <span>March 2013</span>

How to Find a Utah Bail Bondsman

Nobody plans to end up in jail, whether through an intentional act or a simple mistake. When you or your loved ones find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of being arrested. It’s important to know the resources that you have at your disposal. One of the first people you should contact is a bail bondsman, they are often the most valuable of the resources that you can have on your side. The reason they are so valuable as a resource should be pretty apparent, they get you or your loved ones out of jail. Getting out in a timely manner is important. Nobody wants to stay in jail longer than they have to. Here are some ways to locate a Utah bail bondsman:

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DUI Checkpoints for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that time of year again, St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend and that means a lot of people are going to be drinking this weekend. We here at Bad Boys Bail Bonds would like to let everybody know that we do not condone drinking and driving and we wish everybody a safe and happy holiday weekend. When people drink en masse, there will eventually be people that drive drunk. In an effort to combat this, the police will set up DUI checkpoints. What is a DUI checkpoint and how does it work?

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Utah Jail Inmate Search

We’ve all been there, hanging out with our friends when all of a sudden somebody mentions that they haven’t seen Steve in a while. After talking for a while about how funny Steve is, you realize that the last time anybody saw Steve was that night at the bar when everybody got really drunk and… Oh no! Steve is in jail! Now that you’ve realized that your best friend Steve has been in jail for three weeks, it’s time to find out where he is:

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Person in Handcuffs

Holiday Arrests: How to Get Your Loved One Out of Jail Quickly

The 2020 holiday season is here. While the holidays are filled with joy and good times with the family, you never know when …

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Can You Post Bail on a Probation Violation?

What is Probation? Probation is a suspended sentence in which a person must keep the peace and be on their best behavior …

Gavel, Money in Jar & Bail Bond

Can You Bail Yourself Out of Jail?

Going to jail is usually a situation that is stressful and upsetting. If you're like most people, one of the first things …